We failed to excite you this time, we will be shutting down with the end of the year 2018. But that's just the beginning. Thanks to your feedback we learnt a lot. We are planning to be back with an updated approach - Stay tuned!

Completely free, fully supported, minimal viable product.

Portfolio Goggles for JIRA

In pursuit of a company alignment

For Business and IT of IT-heavy companies
who strive to understand each other while working together on portfolio of shared goals
Portfolio Goggles is the add-on for Atlassian JIRA
that lets them share the same perspective on why and how business vision is turned into working products.

The Challenge

Unlike other software project management tools
our product offers focus and alignment of efforts by ensuring:

Holistic transparency

Visualise your backlog as single holistic entity directing your company towards its goals. See it all in a coherent fractal-based manner. Adjust granularity of picture to a level you need to focus on. Easily zoom in and out at your convenience to grasp the wider context and make better informed decisions.

Requirement traceability

Ensure focus and alignment of individuals on company's goals. Let visionaries understand HOW their requirements are executed by tracing them down to the level of individual tasks. Let implementers understand WHY their tasks are important by tracing up to the level of company goals.

Intuitive Structure

Represent your company's portfolio in a natural, easy-to-grasp and human-mind-friendly manner. Provide logical and physical consistency on each level of granularity thanks to the abstraction of fractal structures. Navigate easily among levels of granularity up to your convenience.

The Portfolio Goggles Team

There is 7 of us. All volunteers. Striving to get Goggles work for you in our free time.
Enjoy and provide us with your feedback!


Go to the Portfolio Goggles page on the Atlassian Marketplace and install the Portfolio Goggles add-on to your JIRA Cloud instance.
We do not store or process any of your data in any way.


The Portfolio Goggles for JIRA v2.0 is commercial software.
It still is a proof of concept of our vision rather than a mature product and we need funding to keep developing it.
We are collecting the customers feedback and working in the Lean Startup manner
to drive development of the Portfolio Goggles into the right direction.
We have lots of ideas extending the business value and are currently looking for a sponsor, We are also looking for enthusiasts who share our vision and want to contribute, discuss and share their experience with managing portfolio.

Starting with 31 August 2017 we will turn off and no longer support the v1.0 Community Edition.
The Portfolio Goggles for JIRA v1.0 Community Edition is free. Why? Because it is a Proof of Concept of our vision.
The v1.0 Community Edition is an open source project, so feel free to contribute, if you like!